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Interview Tips Part-1


Interview section is as important as written test. You are a genius & you pass all the test of job exam but you don't get a job. The reason is apparent that you failed to satisfy the interviewer. Although you answered all the questions correctly, you are not selected. It happens many times & takes place repeatedly. You have to sort out the reasons & correct the problem.
In this section we'll discuss about the interview in a detail. We will provide some common tips for every interview & tips for classified jobs like MNC & Local Renowned Company. General Tips are listed here

Avoid Tension During Interview

  • You should have a proper get up sense or dress code. Example, Full shirt with white color & Black pant with Black Shoe is a common get up for any kind of job interview to make you appear modest.
  • Gesture & Posture is one of the vital thing. This show your body language in front of the interviewer. You may be a polite person but your movement is not like a polite one. Interviewer may fail to sort you out.
  • Proper preparation about the job, you have gone to take part. Suppose, you have gone for GP interview for 'Customer Relationship Manager' post but you don't know anything about CRM. Job responsibility, Organization knowledge are important for a interviewee 
  • No one is all in all. You may not know some answers of the interviewer's question. You have to handle the situation smartly. Don't let it go in vain.
  • Overall appearance is a vital part for your interview selection procedure.
Further discussion will be in part by part. Stay with us for getting update.

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