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Education System

Education is a need not product. Now a days, it's become a product. We go to institute to get a certificate rather than learning. Well, what is the purpose of education? If you ask anyone this question whether he/she is a student or not, the answer is to get a good job. I know that many of us are aware that the purpose of the education is not to get good job. The purpose of education is to flourish ourselves from every aspects of life. It will change your vision & goal of your life with new direction.

Everyone asks why don't I do any job rather than sitting idly. After completing higher education it's your goal to get a good job. If I say that I want to be an entrepreneur, everybody feels bad. Everyone likes to appreciate those who works in an organization morning till night.This is the mentality of our so called society. Colonialism is still in the mind of our society. We are habituated in following orders. Nobody appreciates our attempt of doing something innovative.

We have to get ourselves out of this box. We produce asset which is going out leaving only dog's bone for us. We are studying a lot for this bone. Is this the lesson of our education?

Education develops everything of ones life. Everyone,who looks for logic behind every single thing,gets their answer. Those who want to diverse himself find their way.

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