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Islam & Terrorism Part - 01 | ejobscircular24

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Islam & Terrorism Part - 01

Islam is a religion which has come for the salvation of human kind. There are also many religious views like Hinduism, Christian-ism,  Judaism, Buddhism & so on. If you look into these religious views, you will find that the purpose of all religion was to inspire people doing right things & prohibits the wrong doing. Every religion has same view  that to love people & hate devils. We people are doing the wrong thing. We are using this religion for our own purpose in different way. Christian church has changed the holy Bible for their own issues & others have done the same. There was not any sub divisions when all these religions were established. We did this for our purpose. We peruse people referring religion that whatever they will do for the sake of their religion is not a sin rather it's a holy task. This type of shits doesn't happen not only in Islam but also in other religion. If people has done this for their own benefit, then why should we blame religion for this. No religion has ever told you to kill people or do wrong. You the people have done it for your sake or believing it a task for God. I can give some example from the past. If anyone has read the history of crusade which was called holy war taken place between Christian & Muslim, you will see that the purpose of the war was not for the holy but for the wealth. It's very much apparent from the history that the war crusade longed for 400 years was not a war of God rather it was a war for the wealth. The achievement of the war was nothing at last except the lost of the lives. What we are doing in these days in the name of God is nothing except killing each other for our benefit. I would like to remember you that every religion has told the same thing. From this part i can clearly say that the fault of killing or creating chaos in the society is not for Religion or not for God. We the people are responsible for every wrong doing. We should not blame any single religion for this type of work. We should not say the Islam creates terrorist. We are creating terrorist. 
Although people from different religion are doing wrong things, we don't blame them by the name of religion. When Muslims do any wrong, it's terrorism by the name of Islam. Terrorists have no individual identity mark or they are not from any different species so that we can identify them. Anyone who is not Muslim can address him as a Muslim wearing ritual dresses, calling him by Muhammad, having beard on his face. We never try to find out whether he is really a Muslim by practicing or by name only or he is from different religion. In the film "PK" the concept of creator is quite more clear to us that if you wear religious dresses or introduce yourself from any religion no body will be able to identify you. We are always ready to blame other religions, we don't belong to. It's also clear that we blame people identifying his/her religion specially when it's Islam. I believe religion is not the cause of the clashes among people but we the people are responsible for the clashes. Stop blaming religion. I can help you giving an example of blaming. If any people do a wrong thing from any religion, don't call him/her that Muslim/Hindu/Christian has done it. You should say Mr. "X" has done it & only he is responsible for whatever he has done. I'm giving you another example. A man has killed someone, who is a good person, without any valid reason. The killer is a son of a freedom fighter. We will not only abuse the killer but also the father, who is a freedom fighter. Whatever the killer has done, the freedom fighter is not responsible for this. Because of his son's activity, we will scold him forgetting that one day he had fought against our nation. This is thing we do always.
Islam is a religion of peace. Almighty Allah has told to love everyone whatever his/her religion is. Allah said not to scold any other God from various religion. I believe others also said the same. Then who is responsible for wrong doing? Is it still Islam who is responsible for inhuman activity? I hope you know the answer.
In the end, i would like to ask for your pardon if i did any mistake. I just tried to clarify the fact & never intended to hurt anybody. 

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