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Causatives (Part-1) | ejobscircular24

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Causatives (Part-1)


Verbs cause something else to happen are causatives. Such verbs are Let, Make, Have, Get, Help. Today i'm going to discuss about the usage of causative. There are so many people who doesn't know the use of causative or who has a poor knowledge. They try to use it in absent mind. They don't understand the mistake, they have done at the time of using. No more talking. Let's start discussion.

Let Someone Do Something

  • Let him go
  • Don't let him go
  • Father let me use his laptop
  • Would you let me drink your water?

After 'let' there is a subject(someone), then verb(present form). Never use any other form of verb word.

  • Let him gone(incorrect)
  • Would you let me drinking(incorrect)
  • Father lets me uses his laptop(incorrect) 
So it's apparent that the form should be Let George/Anthony/Rahim(Noun) go(present form)

Make Someone Do Something

  • George makes me eat banana
  • Father makes me do the sum
  • I make him cook for us.
After 'make' there is a subject(someone), then verb(present form).Never use any other form of verb word.

  • George makes me eating banana(incorrect)
  • Father make me do the sum(incorrect)
  • I make him cooked for us(incorrect)
Causative 'Make' is just like Let. So it'd be cleared to everyone.

Make Something Do

  • George makes the machine run
  • Father makes the house repair
  • I make my work complete
The use of 'Make Someone' & 'Make something' are same. No need to think twice about the form as it's same as the above one.


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