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A little piece of Thought (Nazibul Haque)

Weather The Storm

The people of our country trust each other the least and they fear the truth most. I was born after 19 years of the liberation of our country. And, since I started to understand the things and facts around me, I already had read the history of our liberation in many different ways. We all can clearly see the favoritism in representing our history. All the big faces of our beloved country mould the history according to their own benefits. And our constitution! It seems to me to be like a lost ship in the middle of an ocean without a captain. Different waves drift it towards many different ways in different times. The people aboard the ship don’t have the slightest idea of what’s going on around, and they have no willingness to know. Our country’s politics is a maze where corruptions, crime, hideous filth of vengeance and greed of power and money have lost their way out. Most of our politicians join politics for two reasons- power and money. People of our country are racing for self development. A poverty struck society has led us to the extent where ethics and morality is a myth. Some of us are getting richer day by day and some of us are in a war with poverty, fetching the meal of the day they don’t know how. But one thing is sure; our people love this country like they love their own mother. Whatever happens, we, the people of Bangladesh can lay down our lives for the country without a second thought. That is where we become optimistic; see the ray of light of hope at the end of the tunnel of this misery. All our struggles and sacrifice will end up well one day. We believe one day our country will rise with its head upright, our country will thrive. All we need is time, only a little more, just to weather the storm.

Nazibul Hoque
L.L.B (Hon's)
Eastern University

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