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jsc examination 2016 English 2n

Read the text and answer the questions No. 5-9

Last winter Tanin and some of his friends went to the zoo by bus. They saw many big and small animals there. They saw lions, tigers, giraffes, rhinos, deer, snakes, bear, camels and crocodiles. They were scared to see some of the animals. But most of the animals were kept in the cages. They saw the Royal Bengal Tiger. It was walking from this to that side. Sometimes it stopped and looked at them. It was big and beautiful. Tanin's uncle Mr. Masud told them not to go near the cages. because some of the animals might hurt them. They saw an ape jumping from bar to bar in the cage. Tanin gave it some nuts to eat. They saw many fishes swimming in the water tank. They also saw some big and small elephants. After lunch they had a ride on a camel. They went round the Zoo for a long time. So they became tired but they enjoyed the visit to the Zoo.

5. Choose the best answer 1x10=10

a. Where is the Zoo?

i. at Dhanmondi ii. at Mirpur

iii. at Azimpur iv. at khilgaon

b. Which of the animals tanin could not recognize?

i. Camel ii. Mongoose iii. rhinos iv. monkey

c. How did they go to the Zoo?

i. by bus ii. by train

iii. on foot iv. by taxi-cab

d. Who is Mr. Masud?

i. Tanins's Friend ii. Sami's uncle

ii. Tanin's uncle iv. Sami's father

e. What did Tanin give to the ape?

i. Sweet ii. nuts iii. Chocolates iv. apples

F. Where were most of the animals?

i. in cages ii. the fields

iii. in water iv. out of the cages

g. What was the season?

i. Winter ii. Summer iii. Spring iv. autumn

h. They rode on a camel...

i. before lunch ii. after lunch

iii. during lunch iv. after breakfast

i. Which are living in underground?

i. ape ii. tiger iii. mole iv. mongoose

j. What is the passage about?

i. riding on animals ii. seeing animals

iii. visiting Zoo iv. visiting museum

6. fill in the blanks. 1x5 = 5 a. Tanin got a - in the last winter. b. Mr. masud took his - to the Zoo. c. Tanin and his friends did not go - the cages. d. After visiting the whole area, They became -e. The birds were making a -.

7. Answer the following questions.

1+1+2+3+3=10 a. When did Tanin's school have a holiday?

b. What was the royal Bengal Tiger doing in the cage?

c. Why did Tanin's uncle tell them not to go near the cages? d. Who took Tanin to the Zoo? e. Which animal did they see after the Royal Bengal Tiger? 8. 8. Write five sentences about the Zoo. 10

9. Suppose you are Sumon/Sumi Mamun/ Mina is your friend. Now write a letter to you friend about your visit to the Zoo. 10. 10. Read the instructions about maintaining a sound health then answer the question. 1+2+3 = 1. Get up early in the morning 2. take physical exercise 3. Drink pure water. 4. Take a balanced diet. 5. Take rest and sleep. Questions : 1. What type of water should you drink? 2. Why do you need physical exercise? 3. How do you maintain a sound health?

11. Fill in the gaps writing the time so that the story makes sense. 5 The students of our school reach at about a. - The assembly starts at b. - . The classes start at c. - at d. - we have our lunch-break for half an hour. The class end at e. -.

12. Re-arrange words in the correct order to make meaningful sentences. 5 a. colours, the see, cannot, maria. b. work, praises, Babul's everyone. c. andy, please, me, call. d. the why, students, were sad?. e. cleynoe

13. Imagine that you are Sara Hossain. Your father's name Belal Hossain and your mother's name is Helena Banu. You live at 1/3 Station road, Dhaka. Your date of birth is 11 September 2006. You want to a member of youth club. Now fill up the following form using the above information.

Youth Health Club

Station Road, Dhaka

a. Name : ....................................

b. Fathers Name :........................

c. Mothers Name :.......................

d. Date of birth:...........................

e. Address:...................................

f. Contact No:..............................


Answer : 1. a. iii. spring b. i. The flowers c. i. student d. iii. Since birth e. ii. in her bag f. iv. see g. ii. blind h.i. green i. i. History j. i. good learner

Answer : 5 a. ii. at Mirpur b. ii. mongoose c.i. by bus d.iii. Tanin's uncle e.ii. nuts f.i. in cages g.i. winter b ii. after lunch i. iv. mongoose j. iii. visiting Zoo.

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